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In French, “votre luxe” translates to “your luxury”.
That’s what our brand is all about.

We established Votre Luxe as a way for people to buy and sell premium, authentic designer handbags and accessories. Three years ago, our founder began selling her pre-loved designer handbags, and was met with enthusiasm from friends – some of whom bought the bags, while others added their own designer goods to be sold.

This environmentally conscious way of rehoming luxury items took off, and what started as a hobby is now an officially registered store.

Our Promises

Our initial offering of designer bags has now expanded to include jewellery, accessories, and watches. Each piece goes through a meticulous selection process, so our clients can expect the best labels in reasonably good condition.

We offer a selection of rare vintage and new designer pieces. At Votre Luxe, we are proud of our rigorous identification process and responsible attitude – if we’re not 100% sure of an item's authenticity, we won’t accept it for sale.

Over the years, our business has staked our reputation on the quality of our goods and our stellar customer service, and we promise to always uphold these values.

We are grateful for the support of our customers over the years, and hope you will help spread the word about Votre Luxe so that we can show others the value of environmentally-friendly luxury.

 At Votre Luxe, your luxury is our passion.