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Please note that Votre Luxe will only consign items from the below high-end brands that are in 9/10 or greater condition.

*We reserve the right to decline items at our discretion and appreciate your understanding.


1. Click HERE to fill out our selling form
Please ensure you are providing true and sufficient information to receive an accurate quote.
2. Take and upload photos of the item
Try to photograph the item from all angles, e.g. front, back, top, bottom, inner, handles and corners, hardware, and serial number, if applicable.
Please pay careful attention to the defects of the item, e.g. scratches, marks, discolouration, or any signs of wear.
Take photos in a well-lit environment for best results.
3. Receive our feedback 
You will receive feedback for the item by email within 3 business days. 
4. Ship or drop the items to us
If we would like to consign your items within our store and you are happy with our feedback, delivery instructions will be sent to you. You can ship or drop the item to the nominated address. For shipped items, we require tracking numbers of the parcel.
5. Get paid
Once we receive the item, please leave the rest of the process to us. Our specialist will assess the item's condition and certify its authenticity. We will then clean and photograph the item to ensure it is well-presented on our website and in-store.

You will receive payment within 14 days after the consignment item is sold.

You will receive payment within 5 days when you directly sell the item to us. (Selling price refers to quoted price by our specialist)
Higher revenue received; minimum 60 days consignment period; unsold items will be returned to you at no cost. 

Direct Sell:
Get paid straight away. 


 Consignment Revenue Structure from 17th July 2023

We would like to clarify that the consignment structure change will not apply to any current consignment contracts. It will only be applicable to new contracts signed from July 17, 2023, onwards



Items Value

Commission Rate

Bag & Jewellery & Accessory

AUD $0 - AUD $1000

AUD $250 Flat Rate

Bag & Jewellery & Accessory

AUD $1,001 – AUD $3,000


Bag & Jewellery & Accessory

AUD $3,001 – AUD $5,000


Bag & Jewellery & Accessory

AUD $5,001 – AUD $10,000


Bag & Jewellery & Accessory

AUD $10,001 PLUS


 Please note that a $50 fee per consignment will be incurred at the end of the consignment for any unsold item(s).

Get started on the consignment process here.